Where dehydration is a thing…

Hello Readership! Welcome to my little minuscule dot of a blog ( : I’m glad you’re here. I created this blog in order to share myself with the world and document my discoveries as I go about my fairly normal life. If you want to know more about my normal life you can head to the about me section and feast your eyes on pictures and way too many words (I couldn’t help it!)

Wondering what you will find here? Well let me just hook you up!

Here you will find the ramblings of an almost 30 year old woman who has perhaps reached a mid-life crisis and created a blog. But not just any blog- a blog that explores the wonders of dehydrated food (of all the choices right?). But I’m not just a crazy woman with a dehydrator and ideas- I fill many other roles in life which I will share with you here. So pour a cup of coffee (or creamer with coffee if you take it like I do) and stay awhile. Peruse my ramblings and my attempts at life. Laugh at my journey, smile at my mistakes, and know that this is me- mother, teacher, spin class lover, dehydrator, beet juicer, imaginary homesteader… me!